Digital Asset Management


Utilize SyncSens™ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to track assets within your facilities and prevent unauthorized departures from your facility through ingress and egress points. Depending on your hospital’s specific need, passive to active RFID’s tags can be used. Alerts can be provided when your assets leave the facility or the floor of facility where an item is stored.


SyncSens™ Real-Time Location Sensors (RTLS) track assets through real-time in your facility. SyncSens™ RTLS have room level accuracy that allow you to know exactly the floor and room where your asset is located. Utilizing Bluetooth low energy (BLE), asset location data can be integrated with the floor plan of your facility to provide you a bird’s eye view of where all your assets are located.

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Digital Asset Management


Maintain environmental control with a variety of sensors. SyncSens™ temperature sensors ensure medication and other perishables are stored properly at the right temperature, or, rooms are maintained at the correct temperature. SyncSens™ environmental monitoring sensors are available for measuring temperature, pressure, altimeter, accelerometer, humidity, barometric pressure and CO2 and can be included as part of SyncSens™ tags to help you properly track any of these components.

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