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SyncSens™ RFID

Utilize SyncSens™ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to track your assets within your facilities ingress and egress points. Ranging from passive to active RFID’s, tags are as specific as your hospital’s need. Alerts can be provided when your assets leave the facility or allow you to understand if your item is in storage or on a certain floor.

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SyncSens™ RTLS

SyncSens™ Real-Time Location Sensors (RTLS) track assets through real-time in your facility. SyncSens™ RTLS delivers room level accuracy that allow hospitals to know the exact floor and room where an asset is located. Utilizing Infrared (IR) or Ultrasound, asset location data can be integrated with aktivu™ Location and Tracking application layering the data on floor plans of your facility to provide you a bird’s eye view of where all your assets are located.

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Digital Asset Management


Hand Hygiene tracks compliance more accurately than direct observance (DO) and can help healthcare facilities more efficiently chart the path of infection and identify vulnerable and affected patients and healthcare workers. SyncSens™ Hand Hygiene is designed to capture 100% of hand hygiene events as well as accurately track the number of dispenses from each dispensing device. SyncSens™ Hand Hygiene is designed to integrate with GOJO’s SMARTLINK™ hand hygiene solutions and is attached to the electronics inside the dispenser via a simple cable to emit an LF signal and this signal is received by Pycube's SyncSens™ Smart Tags with LF worn by staff. The tag accurately reports the event over the facility’s Wi-Fi back to the server ensuring that the dispense event is associated with the correct person.

Download the Disease Contact Tracing and Hand Hygiene Compliance Brief for more details.

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Maintain environmental control with a variety of sensors. SyncSens™ Temp Sensors are for making sure medication is stored properly, rooms are in the current temperature, and other temperature-related use cases. Plug in sensors for temperature, pressure, altimeter, accelerometer, humidity, barometric, and CO2 into the tag to properly track any component you need.

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Digital Asset Management