Asset Management Solutions

Manage and track medical assets with ease using Pycube's aktivu™ and SyncSens™ solutions.

An all-in-one platform for all your asset management.

Increased Teamwork

Pycube’s asset management solutions allow for clear communication between departments to enable teams to better collaborate. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Implement RFID asset tracking systems in your organization to enhance efficiency and shorten busy employees’ asset search times.

Improved Care Delivery

Our efficient asset management solutions help healthcare workers do what they do best – deliver quality patient care. 

Upgraded Workflows

We integrate your existing asset tracking workflows into our solutions, upgrading them with Pycube’s powerful asset management system.

Pycube’s Asset Management Solutions Enable Organizations to Save Time and Money

Nurses spend an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes looking for items during their shifts. That wasted time prevents key staff members from focusing on patient care and other critical tasks. 

Hours lost annually searching for lost assets.

Implementing aktivu™ and SyncSens™ can
decrease search time by more than 75%.

Safeguard Your Organizations Most Valuable Medical Assets

Incorporating aktivu™ into your organization’s workflow can improve efficiency and enhance patient care. By using an automated asset management and tracking solution to monitor critical assets in near-real-time, you can free up staff to focus on what matters most.

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Medical Asset Management

Manage critical assets with ease using powerful, automated workflows that save time and money.

Healthcare Asset Tracking

Keep track of where your assets are in near-real-time to prevent asset loss and wasted time.

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