Who We Are

Pycube was founded in 2011 as an innovative technology company with a special focus on providing Asset Management Solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

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We work with partners to develop new approaches to big challenges for the healthcare industry.

Customer Stories

A clinical engineering team from a Massachusetts – based community hospital faced challenged losing up to 30% of their telemetry devices annually. These devices would often be found with soiled linens throughout the hospital causing them to be washed away and lost during laundry cycles. Pycube utilized SyncSens™ RFID and aktivu’s™ loss prevention solutions to help reduce their loss to almost 0% through early asset detection.
A major New York hospital was having difficulty keeping track of their assets and keeping them from leaving the facility. Pycube used SyncSens™ RFID and aktivu’s™ loss prevention solution to alert the hospital using real time notifications and audible alarms to alert when assets pass through a designated choke point, allowing staff to react accordingly and save assets from leaving the facility.
A critical aspect of an emergency department is ensuring that staff and equipment are available and ready to go at all times. Optimizing equipment availability is an essential part of patient management, especially when dealing with a high number of emergency and trauma cases. Pycube’s aktivu™ asset management solution helped this hospital ensure the availability of their assets with improved staff efficiency throughout the patient care cycle, starting from when the patient is admitted to when they’re discharged.