About Us

Pycube is a growing company filled with passionate people eager to create solutions for healthcare professionals and facilities. Our software, solutions, and services not only help to increase the quality of care provided to patients but also reduce some of the daily challenges that hospital staff have meeting patient needs. In simple terms, Pycube delivers cost-effective solutions that digitize assets and articles, streamline workflows, and automate processes.

Who We Are

Our team is continually innovating to ensure that we can create customized solutions that offer minimal disruption to your existing processes. We offer an affordable alternative to one of healthcare’s most frustrating issues – the location and readiness of critical medical assets needed to care for patients at a moment’s notice.

Our Story

Pycube was founded in 2011 as an innovative technology company with a special focus on providing asset management solutions to the healthcare industry. Each client we engage with allows us to evolve our services in new ways, benefiting customers across the board. Our founder and CEO, Srikar (Sam) Yeruva is a serial entrepreneur whose leadership motivates the team to continually innovate. This unique company spirit inspires Pycube to continually strive for the next solution enhancement that will allow our healthcare industry clients to keep their focus on providing efficient and effective care to those they are serving.  

The Pycube team includes talented leaders with decades of experience serving the healthcare market, providing our clients with a level of expertise and flexibility we believe is unmatched in the industry. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to make finding and using service-ready equipment in any healthcare setting easier, faster, and more efficient. As we seek to continually innovate forward, our focus is on serving multiple sectors of the healthcare market with digital process and data visualization services designed for healthcare technicians and nursing teams that ultimately make patient care more effective and healthcare management costs more efficient and affordable.  

Our Management Team

Srikar Yeruva

Founder & CEO

Pycube Management Team

Dr. William Howden

Chief Revenue Officer

Pycube Management Team

Leighton Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Pycube Management Team

Jay Knudson

Director Of Sales

Pycube Management Team

James McNally

Director of Service and Delivery

Pycube Management Team

Ricardo Mondesir

Director of Operations

Pycube Management Team

Francesca Raffo

Manager of Human Resources

Pycube Management Team

Kerry Morgan

Chief Marketing Officer

Pycube Management Team

Our Advisors

Harsha Pamulaparthi


Business Leader

Suniti Ponkshe


Strategist | C-Suite & Board Advisor | Enable Growth | Operationalize Strategy

Pankaj Singhal


Senior Executive in Diagnostics and Life Sciences

Brett McClung


Healthcare Executive