Digital Asset Management

Facility Compliance Rounding Automation

Even today, complex facility compliance rounding is still a highly manual paper & pencil driven exercise that requires immense time, labor and effort to complete accurate and complete TJC compliance reports. Pycube “CRA” the Compliance Rounding Automation application, brings that process into the 21st century with Pycube CRA Mobile apps and virtually eliminates the paperwork and data entry efforts required for compliance. Pycube CRA automates facility asset data capture and reporting so compliance rounding and ticketing is dramatically streamlined, improving accuracy and accountability. Pycube CRA also automates ticket / work order management and reporting so finalizing the compliance rounding process is fast and easy. The result, faster rounding and virtually zero paperwork.

Manage Assets

Track and locate your assets with aktivu™. Reduce waste and control shrinkage. Get automated alerts. Take advantage of other valuable features including Infection Control, Asset Utilization, and Predictive Maintenance.

Asset Management System
Asset Management Services

Manage Patients

Track patients, maintain security and safety, and improve hospital navigation and patient experience through wayfinding, leveraging location-based capabilities to help patients navigate through hospital hallways.

Manage Staff Hygiene

Track staff and their hygiene to ensure proper cleanliness within the hospital environment, reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections, and improve clinical workflows and staff productivity.

Manage Staff Hygiene
Utility Asset Management

Manage Utility Costs

Track utility usage across all facilities in your hospital and receive detailed information to use for chargebacks, ensure accountability, allow proper cost allocation to departments and gain greater visibility into their utility usage.

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