Digital Asset Management


Critical and most important to biomedical and clinical engineering teams is locating an asset, either to perform maintenance or address a product alert or recall or deliver the asset to a nurse. Applications like legacy CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) or a traditional asset management system, may deliver maintenance or ticketing or an asset database for one location, these applications do not deliver to you advanced functionality required for a modern hospital biomedical or clinical engineering team. Pycube delivers solutions, beyond traditional archaic asset management or legacy CMMS, for locating and tracking assets, preventing asset loss, helping you make intelligent use/replace analytics driven decisions to provide a safe compliant environment for patient care.


Manage and maintain your critical Life Safety and other Facilities Assets with utmost visibility at all times. Track when the warranty or AMC on your critical assets are ending or when the last repair was performed on your Air Handlers to help you with your use or replace decisions. Ensure you and your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) have all the required inspection reports immediately and not days after the inspection or hours before an audit. Automate your paper-driven manual Inspections Rounding to a modern digitized schedule and workflow driven Inspection Rounding process.

Asset Management System