Why Pycube Offers the Best Hospital Management System Project?

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly huge and involves numerous hierarchies and projects. In almost every visit to a nursing home or hospital, we encounter the staff, and doctors going through tremendous stress and workload. We see them running, arranging medications, and also abiding by all the appointments as well. How does this whole healthcare industry manage to be punctual? It is all through following a proper hospital management system project. We at Pycube take pride in stating that we offer the most advanced hospital management system project.

Pycube is a creation in the year 2011 where we focused on making a unique project management system especially curated for the healthcare industry. This project management system contains high-end technology that provides a structured manner of executing daily work.

Benefits of Considering Pycube’s Hospital Management System Project

You will find a range of services in the market offering asset management solutions. But Pycube has thrived to maintain its developed quality, economical pricing structure, and methodical system. The following points will help one understand why our hospital management system project stands out.

  1. Innovation and Advanced Methods :

    In today’s time, the whole world runs on innovation, and so are we. We contribute to the smooth functioning of a healthcare system. Therefore, we offer management of the patients, delivering tasks in a timely manner more accessible. We are aware of the whole asset lifecycle method, and ensure that it is procured, and delivered at the loading dock in a safe manner, then deployed for the patient’s care, and also arrange for its replacement once its life ends.
  2. Asset Control :

    We contribute to a complete asset management solution. Here, you can govern your assets, acquire information about it, get notifications when any asset ends its lifecycle or is low in inventory, perform thorough auditing, supply timely maintenance without any bottlenecks, and more. Additionally, there are also supplies of services like infection control and predictive maintenance.
  3. Asset Tracker :

    A hospital is a very big space, and often a time we notice staff hurrying to find a particular apparatus losing ample time. Pycube here ensures that you get all the products you need on an immediate basis. Pycube’s asset tracker contains RTLS hardware that assimilates precise location and tracking in real-time.
  4. Asset Tracing :

    With the help of the hospital management system project of Pycube, asset tracing has become accessible. This helps the staff overcome the difficulty of tracing any equipment throughout their space to perform certain work. The asset tracer functions through a UHF RFID scanner that is attached to Pycube’s asset tracing mobile application that studies the RFID tagged assets. This instantly reduces the overhead time.
  5. Asset Loss Avoidance :

    A healthcare space comprises thousands of expensive apparatus that requires constant supervision. Our asset loss avoidance system enables you to keep a check on products of high risk entering or leaving the premises with the help of RFID technology. With the help of this asset loss avoidance, the management will not have to invest a lump sum amount on new products.
  6. Asset Analytics:

    According to researchers, most healthcare facilities utilize expensive assets around 35% to 40%. A mere 5% increase in the remaining assets help the facilities in doubling their utilization, revenue, savings, and profits. It helps them thoroughly implement the function of the product alongside saving thousands of dollars.
  7. Environmental Observation:

    Pycube ensures that the environment of the healthcare facilities is safe. There are plenty of costly assets found in every room that requires special attention. The Temp Sensors offer control of correct temperature and humidity in all the rooms containing those expensive and important assets.

All these factors have made Pycube one of the best companies for considering hospital management system projects. We have an array of highly efficient products that maintains the continuous progress of your healthcare facility.

A better way for Asset Management


The main task of a hospital management system is ensuring a smooth flow of work in a structured manner, and also the delivery of certain services are made more accessible with the help of this. For big hospitals, this management system also manages the financial planning for seamless transactions.
A hospital management system offers certain objectives like creating an advanced system for properly attending the patients, reducing hospital operational costs, providing the MIS or management information system reports to the management for better future planning.
Apart from using innovative new technology, in establishing a managed care system, it can be essential in overseeing important departments, training new staff, proliferating accountability, and developing an effective internal communication strategy.
Through these systems one is likely to have better data management, and quicker more efficient service. Which means that as this kind of software ends up improving patient care, it ultimately makes scaling up inevitable.
There are certain modern techniques governing a hospital management system. Some techniques that are implemented are the feedback loop, time series analysis, value and breakeven analysis, operations research, strategic planning, forecasting, statistical quality control, management by objectives, and more.