Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare Asset Management is a highly systematic, cost-effective process for acquiring, planning, deploying, maintaining, operating, and disposing of the physical assets of the healthcare organization. Healthcare Asset Management is a better way to manage your assets, and the objective of a healthcare asset management solution is to provide a healthcare facility with a registry of all the assets to track and manage the inventory, reduce costs and improve patient care and operational efficiencies.

Healthcare Asset Management Solution

Effective healthcare inventory management strategy entails tracking, locating, and analyzing all assets with the help of asset tags and barcode label systems. A healthcare asset management solution can manage an asset with the help of customized tags and labels according to their applications and conditions. Asset tracking can inform you of any asset that has passed a certain egress point prevent any loss or damage and accidental walk-offs from the facility. A record of check-in/check-out systems, and an asset's location and condition in real-time, is of considerable significance in healthcare asset loss prevention and healthcare asset preventive maintenance programs.

Healthcare asset preventive maintenance

Healthcare organizations maintain and manage a large volume of high-value assets. Hence, healthcare asset preventive maintenance programs are vital and can reduce the frequency of unanticipated breakdowns by identifying potential equipment issues before they cause delays. Additionally, a healthcare asset preventive maintenance program typically extends the useful lifespan of an asset by keeping assets in optimal conditions. Healthcare asset management leverages technology to monitor the movement of equipment and prevent asset loss. To prevent the loss of medical equipment, assets are tagged with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which then automatically identifies and tracks the tags attached to the equipment. These tags are cost-effective and deliver high value for the money spent.

Healthcare Asset Loss Prevention

SyncSens™, a component of Pycube’s Healthcare asset management solution, tracks assets within your facilities and prevents unauthorized departures from your facility which helps in the process of healthcare asset loss prevention. Depending on your hospital's specific need, alerts can be provided when your assets leave the facility or the floor of the facility where an item is stored.