Digital Asset Management


Our scalable and customizable solution allows your facility to manage your assets, gain information about the lifecycle of your assets, manage audits, act on product alerts and recalls, perform timely maintenance without delays and keep compliances in check.

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Track, locate and analyze your assets in near real time with Pycube’s asset Location and Tracking solution. Pycube’s RTLS hardware integrated precision Location and Tracking solution allows your facility to reduce hours looking for assets so you can track and locate these assets when and where you need them the most.

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Asset Tracking
Asset Tracing


Asset Tracing solves customers’ challenges of finding assets throughout their facilities to perform certain required actions on the asset. This is done with the use of a handheld UHF RFID scanner, enabled with Pycube’s asset tracing mobile application that reads the RFID tagged assets, significantly reducing the time overhead.

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Reduce asset loss or accidental theft from your facility, either intentional or unintentional. Using RFID technologies get alerted when assets at risk leave your facility and pass through monitored choke points. This solution helps your facility ‘reduce loss of assets’, ‘reinvesting precious dollars replacing lost assets’ and ‘minimize revenue losses from these lost assets.’

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Asset Loss Prevention
Asset Analytics


Improve cost efficiencies and reduce operational expenditures through effective utilization of your facilities assets. The average utilization of equipment and devices in facilities based on studies conducted is found to be between 35% and 40%, increasing the utilization by even a modest 5% helps facilities save thousands of dollars in increasing revenue and significant dollars spent on new asset purchases.

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Maintain environmental control with a variety of sensors. Pycube’s Temp Sensors are used for ensuring that rooms with critical assets are the correct temperature and humidity. Receive real time alerts when there are fluctuations from your set temperatures so the correct staff member can quickly resolve any issues.

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Environmental Monitoring