Asset Tracking Software: A Gist

What's asset tracking all about and what can you gain out of it?

Pycube gives you an all-in-one solution to track and manage all your assets in a flexible and optimized manner. Wouldn't it make your life easier to have all the records of every asset your organization holds, in one place?

With asset tracking software you can gain real-time information on what your company owns and directly and indirectly aid the smooth functioning of operational activities.

Asset tracking software is essential for any company as it can provide accurate data on determining which asset is useful and how it is contributing to the organization on the whole. With asset tracking software you can re-strategize the buying and selling or disposing of assets.

How does Asset Tracking Software work?

Track your assets, anytime, anywhere!

The best asset tracking software will take you from the ingress of your property or asset to its egress.

You can input or record your asset into the system along with any data that is relevant to it. Examples of some of the data required to track the asset include:

  1. A basic description of the asset you want to track, with its model or serial number
    • The manufacturer of the asset, and if available, where it was produced
    • The cost of the asset, along with when and where it was purchased
    • The department or person that is allotted to take care of the asset
  2. The asset is scanned or tagged using the asset tracking software.
  3. Follow, track, and observe your asset through its lifecycle.

How does software track assets?

Time, cost, and labor effective tracking of all your assets!

When the organization's asset is imputed into the system, the asset tracking software scans or reads the code that particular asset is tagged with.

Earlier this data was manually inputted using handwritten tags, Office spreadsheets, or hardware scanners. But with the advance of technology all of this has become automated, requiring minimum manual effort or labor. Various kinds of software use different tagging technologies to track assets. Some of these include:

  • Barcode or QR Code tracking
  • Tracking using Radio Frequency Identification or RFID
  • Tracking using Real-Time Location Sensors or RTLS
  • Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE Beacon tracking
  • Global Positioning System or GPS tracking
  • Unique Identifier or UID tracking using mobile devices or the internet
Benefits of Pycube's Asset Tracking Software

Real-time information for Seamless Operations

Pycube uses an asset tracking software called Syncsens, RTLS, and RFID techniques to track every asset.

  1. RFID technique of asset tracking

    RFID is an asset tagging tool that scans a special RFID tag previously encoded within your asset. This smart label is read using radio waves. The RFID tag also contains the relevant information inputted initially along with your asset.

    For a hospital asset, maintenance-related information can be read by the RFID software. Syncsens will tell you whether your asset is in storage or currently in use. It can also monitor all related activity of the asset.

    The RFID software technique is useful if you want to assess your asset from miles away. This type of asset tracking software is also extremely quick, giving you asset-related results in a matter of seconds.

  2. RTLS technique of asset tracking

    With RTLS asset tracking software, trackers are manually attached to the asset that needs to be tracked. This is especially useful for large mobile hospital equipment since you can track your property in real-time, across the facility.

    This kind of technique is also extremely accurate, providing the exact location, that is, the room number and floor the asset is within. Of course, this information regarding the layout and floor plan must be previously inputted.

    The trackers emit signals caught by the RTLS system and can be viewed on any device supporting GPS.

  3. Why you should choose Pycube

    Why settle for anything other than the best?

    • Cost-effective method to track all your assets at the same time
    • Multiple tags can be read at the same time
    • Extremely swift results using the RTLS and RFID using our asset tracking software
    • Automatic and error-free
    • Assets can be tracked from anywhere via mobile devices