What does Asset Management Tracking mean?

An easy solution for the challenges of monitoring hospital assets

Asset management tracking is the tracking and management of assets owned by a business company or organization.

In the healthcare industry, asset tracking is crucial. Without the management of assets, the flow of patients will be obstructed and the hospital will not be able to deliver their best care to their patients.

Equipment, tools, and other physical assets within the hospital, all need proper asset management tracking. A good asset management and tracking system will keep all hospital staff and personnel up-to-date with where the assets are within the hospital, at any given time.

To keep required assets available for patients that truly require them, a technologically advanced asset tracking software should be employed by the asset management system.

Increased demand for facilities does not have to mean that the hospital should purchase more assets. A simple and efficient asset management and tracking system is more than enough to optimize the general flow of patients and services within the hospital.

What are some of the assets that can be tracked and managed?

A hospital asset comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. They may fall under medical equipment or healthcare assets. Assets can be fixed, moving, tangible, and intangible. Here are some of the assets in a hospital that can be tracked and managed via a good asset management tracking software system:

  1. Hospital machinery

    • EKG/ECG or electrocardiogram machines
    • MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging machines
    • Hematology or cell analyzers
    • X-RAY machines
    • Radiographers for CT or computerized tomography or CAT or computerized axial tomography scans
    • Ultrasound machines
    • Anesthesia machines
  2. Hospital equipment

    • Ventilators
    • Defibrillators
    • Syringes
    • Pumps and tubes
    • Patient monitors
    • Hospital beds and gurneys
    • Mobile beds and wheelchairs
    • Surgical lights and tables
    • Surgical tools like scalpel and suction
    • Sterilizers and Autoclave
  3. Medication and drugs

  4. Physical infrastructure

    • Air conditioning
    • Heating
    • Freezing
    • Electricity
    • Generators
    • Compressors
    • Plumbing
  5. Digital and physical patient data in the form of documents

  6. People

    • Patients
    • Doctors
    • Nurses
    • Other staff

How does Asset Management Tracking work on your hospital's assets?

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Asset Management Groups

An efficient asset management and tracking system uses asset management groups to better audit and tag all assets.

Once a group is formed, a full inventory is done first. Next, each asset in the group is tagged with a unique identification number that is tracked via advanced asset tracking software. This way, you know exactly where your asset is at any given time.

The whole lifecycle of the asset can be observed and monitored. Asset management groups also aid in tracking movable assets that need to be monitored during a patient's check-in and check-out. The system maintains a digital trail of the asset's exact usage, so if there is any confusion at any point during the patient's healthcare, the records are always available.

Asset Management Barcode System

A barcode system for assets ensures that equipment and machines are always maintained and in good working condition for the patient. A plan can be followed to keep the asset in check, like assessment, debugging, reducing downtime, and increasing efficiency.

An asset management barcode system is an important part of asset management tracking.

Which company provides the best Asset Management and Tracking system?

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