Asset Inventory Management

Asset management system

An asset management system in healthcare refers to technology solutions that help to improve equipment utilization and streamline inventory management within a healthcare facility. Any hospital, lab or clinic will have various assets that include procedural equipment for diagnosis, examination, and treatment of the patients. It ranges from simple band-aids and pharmaceuticals to MRI machines and medical utensils.

An asset management software is much needed in healthcare facilities for the efficient management of these assets which in turn saves time and money for the provider.

Improved patient outcome

The asset management and tracking system in the hospital locate the assets, record the medical utensils and equipment and store maintenance records for every asset. Healthcare professionals can get up-to-date data on each of their assets. With the right tools and equipment, it becomes easy for healthcare professionals to provide the best possible service for the patients.

Asset Management System
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Track perishable items

Among the assets in a healthcare establishment, there are various perishable items such as medicines, blood bags, etc. These items need to be tracked unfailingly to avoid expiration dates and resultant waste. An efficient asset management system facilitates timely tracking of perishable items and thus helps organizations manage their assets resourcefully.

Predictive maintenance

Efficient asset management and tracking systems enable staff to get any-time access to the equipment lifecycle . They can quickly alert the management for upgrades, maintenance and service of the equipment as and when it is needed. Moreover, software solutions can be incorporated for predictive maintenance of equipment which will ensure its functionality at optimum anytime when it is needed.

Asset Management
Asset Management System

asset inventory management

The healthcare industry has been largely disputed by technological advancements in the last decade leading to increased operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and higher quality health outcomes for the patients. An asset management system is a critical need for any healthcare establishment in order to track and manage all their various assets in the hospital.