Pycube, founded in 2011, is a technology company that operates hospitals and other healthcare spaces through our advanced asset inventory management system. Over the years, we have gained eminence through our progressive management solutions that have helped thousands of healthcare companies conduct business swiftly.

We are renowned as an asset management group because our products aim to maximize efficiency and reduce costs alongside promoting utmost customer satisfaction.

Aktivu - The Asset Inventory Management Software of Pycube

The age-old legacy CMMS or asset management database is difficult to alter and calls for expensive vendor resources. It is also focused on one location, making it no more functional. Today’s needs demand something more dynamic and efficient, and Pycube’s Aktivu asset inventory management software is exactly that.

Here is how Aktivu is capable of in terms of asset management.

  • Pycube’s asset management software is a contemporary product that is scalable and commutable.
  • Aktivu is cloud-based in nature and also easily configurable.
  • It is featured with artificial intelligence and contains blockchain-enabled applications alongside a built-on Servicenow.
  • This product displays all the data on the dashboard, critical analysis, and most importantly, converts data into compelling, actionable information.
  • A very beneficial function of Aktivu is it vigorously tracks the asset movement, helps one track, and stays informed about their asset movement.
  • Asset utilization experiences a development due to the mechanism. There is also a notable increase witnessed in the staff productivity.
  • Pycube’s Aktivu comes at quite an economical pricing compared to the traditional CMMS or the asset management systems.
  • One can display and manage every necessary detail about their hospital’s assets through this product in one go.


All in all, through Pycube’s Aktivu, one can observe the complete asset lifecycle starting from the procurement till the end of the product life. The asset’s financial status, information about alternate equipment maintenance, product cancellations, and alerts, display of analytics, dashboards, tailor-made reports - all can be attended under one roof. This is exactly why Pycube is renowned as a top asset management group.

Advantages of Investing in Pycube’s Asset Inventory Management System

Every company needs to associate with an asset management group for its own benefits. An asset management group like Pycube is instrumental in bringing about immense profit and increased productivity in a company. Let us study some more advantages.

  • The better the asset inventory management software, the lesser the employees
  • Extreme accuracy offered by the automated tracking system
  • Receive every possible information through a single software
  • Immense reduction in maintenance costs
  • The software helps with connecting asset tracking with inventory management
  • No more glitches with asset transferring

Pycube’s Aktivu is an exceptionally beneficial product for asset management and cost-saving. Simplistically, it is a need in today’s companies because of the alarming rate of unnecessary financings going into a company; this asset management software will indeed help resolve significant issues.

Pycube - a Market Leader in Asset Inventory Management

The very foundation of Pycube’s asset inventory management creation was the detailed understanding of the hospital sector and its entire working approaches.

We delved into the core of the asset management cycle - how it is procured and delivered at the dock, stationing it for patient care, preventive maintenance, completion of the product, and repurchase after analysis. Pycube, after its prolonged observation of the logistics and inventory management systems, has materialized its operations in diverse departments like Biomed, inventory, warehouse, facilities, supply chain, materials management, and more.

Summing It Up

The main reason behind Pycube’s prominence is the team of members. These are professionals holding immense experience in the healthcare and technological spheres. They belong to huge MNCs like Dell, First Data, EMC, HP, Oracle, IBM and more. Their expertise in cloud, Bluetooth and radio frequency, enterprise software, embedded systems, and more, are fully incorporated in the asset inventory management software.