Make Your Assets Future Proof With An Asset Management Database!

At Pycube, we offer you the all-in-one asset management database solution. To make the data management better and the decision-making process smooth. Our asset management application is artificial intelligence-driven, scalable and modern.

Our intense knowledge has assisted us in developing the Aktivu asset management application. We work with our clients to ensure that the tool helps them to identify & discover. Our tools help them to procure, manage, monitor and protect their assets. We provide you with a complete enterprise asset management solution for your industry.

Ready Enterprise Asset Management Solution!

When you combine the abilities of the best asset management solutions with advanced functionality, all you get is Pycube's aktivu application. Here are a few perks that you can get with our tool.

  1. You can easily manage the assets within your organization.
  2. View entire asset lifecycle with aktivu.
  3. You can view the financials of your assets.
  4. Helps you to easily track and locate your assets.
  5. Enhance the staff productivity and lower the other expenses.

Pycube's Aktivu Is All About

  • Growth & Scalability

    Regardless of your business size - our asset management solution can help you. With the ability to cater for any business, it can scale easily. Pycube's aktivu grows with your business. No matter its new sites, users, projects, or extra licensing needs, aktivu has it all!

  • High Security

    With Pycube, you can rest assured that your data and assets are always protected and secure. Our airtight protection will assure you that you get nothing less than the best. Aside from this, we offer other tools, including inventory collection, authorization upload, compliance calculation, and executive reporting. With us, you don't have to worry about cyber attacks.

  • Huge Savings

    Savings is one of the best benefits of opting for Pycube's asset management database software. It will help you to continuously monitor your assets. You can save your hard-earned money by avoiding unexpected expenditures. Thus, allowing businesses to accomplish more with their current assets. Thus, our software is highly cost-effective and won't pose pressure on your pocket.

  • Consolidation of Real-Time Data

    Our software helps you with quick and easy data synchronization. Regardless of your operating locations, we provide enterprise asset management solutions. It will help your users to access accurate, current numbers. Additionally, we take pride in meeting the requirements of asset-intensive organizations' requirements by providing secure, intelligent and real-time IoT solutions.

Why Does Your Enterprise Need An Asset Management Solution?

IT asset management database is all about monitoring and managing your assets. The management and monitoring are directly related to your productivity. It is necessary to manage your assets. This will help you to avoid the risks associated with it. Additionally, you can improve efficiency, productivity and reduce unwanted expenses. Equipping your enterprise with the right tool like aktivu. You can reduce the downtime. What's more, it will help you to quickly replace the damaged assets.

Your one-stop shop for all of your IT Asset Management Database requirements.

We are here to streamline enterprise asset management solutions. They will transform your enterprises. For more than 30 years, we have been managing the IT assets. We know how to enhance governance and reduce expenses.

We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated members who can help your in house staff. If you're looking for some additional assistance, we would love to assist you with everything.

Feel free to contact Pycube today and get the right assistance you need. We are ready to offer you a free trial or demo. Give us a call or drop your information. Our team will soon provide you with the right assistance.

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IT asset management expenses can vary significantly and will be higher when integrated into comprehensive ITSM solutions. The majority of ITAM products charge per user, per month, in addition to a licencing or equipment price.
A centralised database for tracking all hardware and software assets, allowing for remote access to the specifics of each asset and inventory at any time and from any location.
An asset manager is responsible for monitoring and maintaining valuable assets inside a corporation. By implementing an asset management strategy, you may efficiently build, operate, maintain, improve, and dispose of your assets.
Digital asset management is beneficial to marketers, designers, photographers, and other creatives, as well as event managers, salespeople, retailers, product managers, distributors, and human resource managers. If your firm has a large amount of material, digital asset management may make a significant impact in terms of saving time and difficulties for your staff. Digital asset management can be used by businesses and organisations in almost any industry, but it is particularly prevalent in consumer packaged goods (CPG), cosmetics, food and beverage, advertising, agencies, fashion and apparel, non-profits, colleges and universities, museums, hotels and resorts, municipal organisations, sports, health care, software, and furniture. You see the point.

Job Responsibilities of an Asset Manager:

  • Manages client assets in accordance with the customer's investing choices and objectives.
  • Consults with customers to ascertain asset status, requirements, risks, objectives, and progress.
  • Financial statements, company activity reports, and predictions are prepared.
  • Organizes develops and maintains client portfolios.