aktivu™ is your go-to application for managing assets within your facility. With Pycube’s Enterprise Asset Management Application, you can track and locate your assets, manage and view asset lifecycle information, and best utilize your assets. aktivu™ also helps you with your JCAHO, EPA, DSCSA compliance audits. With customizable reports and analytics, aktivu™ provides you with real-time information on asset utilization and depreciation, maintenance management, work flow management, and following industry best business practices. Contact us to learn more how aktivu™ can be utilized in your hospital.

Process Automation

Improve workflows and reduce costs in your facility with Business Process Management (BPM). BPM monitors the business processes within a facility and helps provide management and automation of processes. Administrative efficiency can increase in your hospital without hurting your greater mission. Not only does BPM reduce errors and improve safety in your facility, it also helps reduce waste, predict maintenance needs, and help reduce penalties from compliance violations. Contact us to learn more how process automation can reduce costs and bring efficiencies in your hospital.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain more information about your assets. Through AI, information related to infection control, sanitization and utilization can be gathered and monitored for your assets and/or staff. AI adds intelligence to your assets that make them more than just smart, it allows them and the data they provide to be valuable and helpful in making better decisions. By analyzing the information gathered by tracking your assets, your facility can better predict future forecasts and properly control your assets. Contact us to learn more how artificial intelligence can be utilized in your hospital.


Blockchain can be utilized at your facility in numerous ways. With Blockchain you can decentralize your data and give back ownership to the patient or use blockchain alongside artificial intelligence to get greater understanding of your assets. Blockchain can also be implemented to guarantee integrity of a signed medical record so it cannot be changed. There are several opportunities to utilize Blockchain in your hospital. Contact us to learn more how blockchain can be utilized in your hospital.

Big Data

Key information that drives decision making is constantly changing. Information is currently generated and stored at a faster rate than before, in a greater volume than most can handle, and in different types and methods. Big Data allows your facility to better process this information and integrate it into your facility. This not only helps streamline decision making but also helps increase productivity throughout your facility. Contact us to learn more how big data can be utilized in your hospital.


Capturing and scrubbing data alone can take most of a team’s time. Analytics allows your facility to analyze this data to gain immediate insights for your facility. Analytics lets your teams identify blind spots and can be presented as consumable information your hospital is looking for and reports that are easy for your team to consume. Contact us to learn more how analytics can be utilized in your hospital.

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