Asset Utilization

Hospitals are an integral part of every community. They’re the first stop for broken arms, illnesses, and for patients who are looking to find hope in their medical cases. And yet, there’s an odd paradox many hospitals are facing in today’s age.

Facility Fencing

Pycube offered a simple, cost-effective radio frequency identification (RFID) perimeter fencing solution for this hospital. Pycube utilized RFID tags and readers to track when assets passed certain egress points. Pycube understood, though, that tracking these devices is not enough and location tracking alone does not necessarily prevent loss or theft.


Pycube aktivu™ and SyncSens™ solutions provide your hospital with a highly scalable and intelligent system that talks to your assets and to your staff. Our solutions provide targeted actionable intelligence, so your staff will get more done, and be better at it, in less time to reduce your cost of operations.

Customer Stories