Pycube’s Preventive Maintenance Software for Healthcare Industry

A healthcare facility is run by thousands of employees, multiple ongoing projects, asset management, and endless tasks. Managing all these requires a very structured and orderly preventive maintenance software that will keep the functionality in order. It is very anticipated that a hospital may find all their crucial data eliminated from their system, and this happened before as well. This will cost a huge expense to the healthcare facility. To prevent this kind of mishap, it is better to opt for preventive maintenance software.

What is a Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive maintenance software is a significant part of the computerized maintenance management system. It ensures a healthcare facility seamlessly runs its tasks by multiplying its resources, reducing functional downtime, broadening the asset’s life cycle, and also curtailing the time in maintenance of assets.

Preventive maintenance software is different from predictive or corrective care of assets. Preventive maintenance software attends to the longevity of the assets by extending its upkeep schedule. Eventually, this software will assist the healthcare facilities in reducing its cost and increasing the asset value. Preventive maintenance software accomplishes all these factors by scheduling continuous equipment maintenance, cutting down downtime by connecting routine tasks, and lastly limiting repair-based costs.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance Software

There are numerous advantages of preventive maintenance software as stated below:

  1. It ensures extended longevity of the assets
  2. The software facilitates scheduled maintenance
  3. It enables advanced planning that results in reduced overtime costs
  4. It ensures smooth work in the workplace without any disruption

Products Running Pycube’s Preventive Maintenance Software

Pycube has thrived to become one of the leading asset management companies for the healthcare industry. We started our business in the year 2011, and since then, contributed to numerous solutions that administer healthcare facilities. The following are the products of Pycube:

  1. Asset Management :

    It guides in acquiring asset information, asset location, auditing, receiving product calls or recalls, carrying on timely maintenance. Additional valuable services like infection control and predictive maintenance are also offered by us.
  2. Asset Tracking :

    We assist the facilities in tracking assets, locating them in real-time, and analysing them as well. It directly eliminates the hours in finding the asset.
  3. Asset Loss Elimination :

    This system allows you to keep your expensive equipment in check whenever they leave the facility.
  4. Asset Analytics :

    It enables proper utilization of the assets through analytics.
  5. Environmental Monitoring :

    This ensures that the rooms containing expensive equipment are under suitable temperature and humidity.

Technologies Running Pycube’s Maintenance Software

All our products are built with some specific technologies. Below are the two technologies that govern all our preventive maintenance software, namely, aktivu and SyncSens.

  1. aktivu :

    To simplify the main features of ‘aktivu’, it is a contemporary product with scalable and commutable cloud-based, easily constructed, and an AI-driven configuration. The main task of ‘aktivu’ is to collect all the important data, convert them into litigable information. The actionable information helps in tracking and tracing of assets, elimination of asset loss, boosting asset utilization, and also developing staff productivity. All these when summed up, immensely helps in profit maximization, asset efficiency, and reduced costs.
  2. SyncSens :

    SyncsSens’ radio frequency identification or RFID method aids in asset tracing within your healthcare facility. The real-time location sensors instantly inform about a specific product’s location – its floor and room. Environmental monitoring technology aims at keeping your equipment at a suitable temperature and humidity.

Preventive maintenance software is a helpful way to keep your healthcare facility going smoothly. It aids in proper utilization of the assets, as well as reduces overall cost.

Enhance your preventive maintenance proficiency with Pycube


Preventative maintenance software seeks to automate routine, and often mundane tasks like asset management, facilities maintenance. All with the singular goal of cutting costs over time, and reduce system failure.
Preventive maintenance of medical equipment includes regular cleaning, calibrating and adjusting, examining for wear and tear and lubrication. All these are performed to ensure smooth functioning of the equipment and increased productivity.
A constant check of the medical equipment assures the medical assistance that they are safe to use. Preventive maintenance makes the equipment reliable for use as these are sterilized, secure, and give accurate readouts and information.
A well-maintained facility armed with quality preventative maintenance software tends to decrease downtime, reduce service interruptions, and ultimately reduces the volume of emergency maintenance orders.
There are many purposes of preventive maintenance like assuring the highest optimization of the production equipment, their utilities, and other facilities at a minimal cost.