Preventive Maintenance Program

Medical facilities and hospitals need to seriously consider adopting preventive maintenance programs as they cannot afford to perform reactive maintenance for their medical equipment. With Pycube’s aktivu™, medical equipment can be managed effectively to predict their likelihood for maintenance, and systematically ensure there are no hiccups in their functioning. Preventive maintenance programs for medical equipment make use of advanced preventive maintenance software with a suite of functionalities enabling hospital administrators to make informed choices about their facilities’ medical equipment.

Preventive maintenance software

Pycube’s aktivu™ runs preventive maintenance programs for healthcare facilities for: Utilities Management For medical equipment to be in pristine condition, it is essential to ensure that the utilities that support them are also in great shape. Preventive maintenance programs for medical equipment should help you gain visibility into all your utility environments like electricity, gas, temperature, and humidity. Preventive maintenance software will be helpful only when things like operating rooms, storage rooms, and vaccines are at the optimum temperature and humidity.

Asset Tracking

Preventive maintenance programs run hand in hand with asset management systems at healthcare facilities. Pycube’s Enterprise Asset Management solution, aktivu™, helps track, locate, and analyze medical assets with ease. This scalable and modular solution from Pycube allows hospitals to shift focus on their patients, while our preventive maintenance software does all the work for hospital administrators. aktivu™ makes your assets intelligent. Gaining visibility about the lifecycle of assets, managing audits, and ensuring compliance is a breeze, thanks to the built-in preventive maintenance program for medical equipment.

Asset Utilization

It is essential to make the most out of the available medical assets in the facility by keeping an eye on asset utilization. Pycube’s aktivu™ automatically does this for medical facilities while also helping them reduce waste and control shrinkage. This service is a crucial value-add when it comes to predictive maintenance of medical equipment.

With Pycube, you can focus on delivering what matters most– sustainable healthcare that creates a positive impact on people’s lives.