Patient Tracking Software

Patient tracking software has made it easy to track patients in a healthcare facility while optimizing patient flow. Manual patient tracking sheets are a thing of the past, thanks to advancements in patient care technology. Patients can now wear tracking devices which helps locate them anywhere in the facility. Healthcare providers no longer need to rely on manual ledgers, they can make use of technology to track patient movements, devote more time to patient care and cut out non-value add activities.

Optimizing Patient Flow

Pycube’s patient tracking software helps hospitals in optimizing patient flow by: Tracking Patients

Automated patient tracking sheets at hospitals to track patients ensures safety, reduces wait times, automates registrations, and increases bed turnovers. Patients are monitored with a tracking device for the entire duration of their stay. With this device, maintaining security and safety for patients is possible around the clock, while still preserving patient’s independence, which is key to ensuring patient satisfaction. Patient tracking software helps design solutions for optimizing patient flow that enables streamlined workflows, benefitting both patients and doctors.


Pycube’s patient flow management system helps improve patient’s hospital navigation and overall experience through wayfinding. This system leverages real-time location-based capabilities to help track and assist patients to navigate through hospital hallways and floors. Wayfinding ensures that they waste less time in movement and get timely care when they need it.

Location-Based Intelligence

Manual patient tracking sheets cannot provide real-time data in a consolidated repository for hospital staff to refer to. This is where leveraging the power of automatically collected, location-based data, from a patient tracking software, helps. It visualizes the location of both patients and staff, as well as the patient’s status of care. As care providers move across departments, floors and blocks, hospital administrators will easily know which patients are in their rooms and who is ready for care.

Overall, patient tracking helps healthcare facilities proactively better manage their operations and provides them with precise data to make informed decisions.