Loss and Prevention

Hospitals have thousands of pieces of expensive medical equipment, making it difficult to track when medical equipment is accidentally or intentionally walked off the facility or into a location it should not be at. This loss can be prevented by leveraging processes and technology to monitor the movement of equipment and keep it from leaving the building.

In the process of loss and prevention of any medical equipment, one technology to consider is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). With RFID technology, hospitals can effectively track medical assets that are lost or misplaced.

Loss prevention program

Pycube’s loss prevention program can tracks assets as they move throughout the facility and provides insights on which assets are walking off the facility the most often and from which exits; providing real-time solutions to misplaced inventory.

Furthermore, Pycube’s loss prevention solution informs the hospitals of all status changes, allowing the hospital to easily account for their assets. The most effective loss prevention strategies are those that keep in mind the hospital’s specific needs. Some might choose to prioritize loss prevention areas in which loss is often occurring

Loss Prevention Strategies

While every organization is unique, focusing on any loss prevention strategy is essential for high-quality patient care. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations manage a large volume of high-value assets, and implementing loss prevention strategies can save time, money, and resources. Additionally, ongoing loss prevention strategies typically extend the useful lifespan of those costly assets by keeping them in optimal working condition.

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