Healthcare Solutions

With the demand for healthcare and high-end facilities, healthcare institutions are finding themselves strapped for money and staff. Not having the necessary tools readily available to operate their facility can be a considerable risk to take for the hospital.

Healthcare Solutions and Software are available to help alleviate this stress. For example, manually managing your inventory always becomes inaccurate and unorganized over time and healthcare solutions are available to combat this issue.

Healthcare Software

Various healthcare solutions are available to utilize and manage assets efficiently. Healthcare software solutions aim to provide a highly systematic and cost-effective process for managing assets. Investing in advanced healthcare software solutions can help you track your assets, which is a crucial step in managing your assets effectively.

The process of acquiring, planning, deploying, maintaining, operating, and disposing of the physical assets of the healthcare organization can be automated through a healthcare solution software. What's more, healthcare inventory management software allows you to always know the status of your equipment.

Healthcare Software Solutions

aktivu™ is healthcare software for all your asset management needs. Tracking, locating and analyzing your assets has never been easier. Capturing all the details on an entire life cycle of an asset, it can incorporate predictive maintenance to provide information on depreciation, maintenance due dates, and more. It reduces waste and alerts when your assets pass through certain egress or ingress points, preventing loss and accidental walk-offs of assts from the facility.

Pycube’s healthcare inventory management software, aktivu™ analyzes the information gathered by tracking your assets and helps your facility predict future forecasts and gains immediate insights for your facility. It also helps you with your JCAHO, EPA, DSCSA compliance audits and helps reduce penalties from compliance violations. With customizable reports and analytics, aktivu™ provides you with real-time information on asset utilization and depreciation, maintenance management, workflow management and reducing costs.

Healthcare Inventory Management Software

Pycube’s healthcare software solution enables full control of your inventory with just a click of a few buttons. In the form of a web or mobileapp, the secure, cloud-based healthcare software helps teams accurately track their entire inventory while keeping records on critical information. With the help of Pycube’s healthcare software solution, managers and staff will always know the current status of the inventory.

By allowing this healthcare software to do the heavy lifting, you can spend less time worrying about your inventory and more time providing the best care to your patients.