Pycube supports Hospitals Combatting COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak – providing safe and secure storage for critical COVID-19 Supplies in our medical equipment storage facilities.

The global impact of COVID-19 novel coronavirus is rightfully causing many hospitals to discuss and re-evaluate how hospitals respond and deal with this crisis. Critical to providing patient care is ensuring the hospital frontline workers are well protected, and to this end hospitals are scrambling to ensure all necessary supplies including PPE are available to their staff and employees. Due to the anticipated supply chain disruptions, hospitals are stocking up on available critical supplies. This is causing tremendous pressure and stress on hospitals when it comes to storing these supplies safely and in an easily accessible manner. Hospitals are facing major challenges managing their existing space efficiently, whether to allocate it for patient care or use it to store critical COVID-19 supplies.

Pycube, an Enterprise Asset Management Solution provider provides hospitals Asset Management, Asset Tracking and Location, and Asset Performance Management solutions.

Pycube is also an established leader and expert in the Hospital Supply Chain Logistics Solutions, with referenceable customers making use of Pycube’s Supply Chain Logistics Solutions, Pycube is well positioned to help your Hospital store and manage your COVID-19 and other critical supplies in a highly safe and secure environment.

Pycube Supply Chain Logistics solutions include real-time inventory management with PAR level visibility to let you know your inventory levels at all times. Pycube, as part of our Supply Chain Solutions will also deliver your stored COVID-19 supplies on demand when needed or requested to your designated facilities, and with included RFID tracking, so you know exactly where your supplies are at any time.

Pycube’s safe and secure storage facilities are available to your hospitals, we can work with your hospital as quickly and expeditiously possible to ensure the required solutions are available to you during this critical time.

We stand ready to help you today.

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