Managing Healthcare Assets in a Cost Effective & Time Efficient Manner

Hospital personnel deal with a variety of medical equipment, devices and tools everyday. The criticality of the nature of patient care requires a nurse or a doctor to be quick and alert when dealing with patients. The ability to quickly locate healthcare assets is an important factor in the delivery of quality patient care and assist with timely diagnosis, treatment and recovery of a patient.

The lack of a good Asset Management System leaves scope for human error like misplacement of important medical equipment and devices. Research shows that hospitals spend a part of their budget replacing misplaced or lost assets, a situation that can be easily avoided.

Enterprise Asset Management Systems are an integral component of any healthcare facility operations, helping staff quickly locate assets and manage their budgets efficiently by cutting back on unnecessary costs.

Some of the key features of an Enterprise Asset Management System are:

Process Automation

An enterprise asset management system that provides hospital facilities the ability to automate their key repetitive processes can help manage the entire asset life cycle, right from purchase to disposal, service, upgrade and replenishment can also be automated through workflows.

Real-Time Visibility

Healthcare organizations deal with a large number of equipment and consumables, most of which have an expiration date. For safety and compliance, it is important for hospitals to keep track of medications and equipment to ensure optimal utilization. An effective Asset Management System, like Pycube’s aktivu™ platform, allows hospital staff to keep track of these assets in real time, right from their point of entry into the hospital to their disposal, tracking and documenting the entire lifecycle.

Time Efficiency

An Enterprise Asset Management System assumes responsibility of tracking and locating assets minimizing the chances of human error, reducing the time spent searching for assets or locating misplaced assets. Periodic tasks like scheduled maintenances and tracking purchase orders can be automated to run at specific times eliminating chances of delays and misses. The entire process of asset management can be better organized to allow healthcare staff to utilize their time on what they do best, delivering patient care.

Cost Effectiveness

Overbuying assets and consumables, and spending on replacing misplaced equipment are two factors that can affect the cost and can be completely avoided. This savings can be utilized for delivering better patient care. An Enterprise Asset Management System can help hospitals track and document all assets that are purchased, used or disposed by a facility. This high-level of visibility into equipment and consumables lets staff and management take effective decisions on usage and purchase. An automated Enterprise Asset Management System saves time spent searching for equipment, loss of expensive devices resulting in lower operational costs.

Asset related problems can thus be mitigated to contribute to improving quality of patient care delivered as manual processes always leave room for human errors, making technology-oriented solutions an effective alternative.

Posted on 2019-01-25 | pycube.admin

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