Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology has been expanding its reach into many industries. Due to its effectiveness and convenience, RFID technology has firmly established itself as a necessary asset to have. Asset management in the healthcare industry is no exception to RFID technology’s expansion.



Pycube is an innovative technology company specializing in delivering Asset Management Solutions to the Healthcare Industry. A pioneer in providing efficient solutions for managing assets in the healthcare industry, Pycube’s team of experienced industry leaders have expertise in technology that helps in managing assets and tracking lost assets in the healthcare industry using RFID.


Pycube’s AI-based software and hardware, aktivu™ and SyncSens™, are developed for the very purpose of healthcare asset management. RFID technology has become very essential in the logistics and management of healthcare assets. Digitalization has proven to be a vital element in increasing the safety and efficacy of tracking medical assets, patients, and medicines in hospitals. RFID tags are cheap, easy to deploy, and integrate within items for tracking, making them the perfect solution to mundane, as well as illustrious problem statements. 



SyncSens™ RFID can be used to track assets within the hospital facility. Passive to active RFID tags are deployed depending on the needs of the facility. SyncSens™ RFID can alert staff through audible and visual alarms when assets leave the facility or enter a location it should not be. Real-time asset tracking and retrieval can be performed with SyncSens™ Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). It gives you a bird’s eye view of the asset storage location. SyncSens™ Environmental Monitoring uses a variety of sensors to measure and monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 levels, etc, thus ensuring that perishable assets are stored in the correct environmental conditions. SyncSens™ also helps in preventing any unauthorized access taking place in areas that are restricted to some staff.



aktivu™ is Pycube’s Asset Management intelligent, cloud-based platform. This platform allows your hospital to not only track and locate your assets, but also analyze and gain insights about their lifecycle. A scalable and modular platform like aktivu™ allows your hospital to focus all its attention on the patients as asset monitoring is automated and simplified. aktivu™ alerts you when your assets pass through designated checkpoints throughout the healthcare facility, which prevents accidental walk-offs from the facility and loss of assets. 



RFID is rapidly expanding and evolving throughout the healthcare industry and this sector is expected to undergo exponential growth in the coming years. RFID’s benefits outweigh its costs, thus making it one of the most sought-after technologies. Pycube’s revolutionary and holistic asset management and tracking solutions cater to a variety of services and solutions. SyncSens™ and aktivu™ help hospitals in tracking medicines, pharmaceuticals, surgical tools, and single-use items through inventory tracking and authentication. Large and expensive equipment such as machines and hospital beds can be tracked by real-time tracking systems. Pycube, though, is a use-case solutions provider – meaning the needs of your hospital is taken into consideration when constructing the solution, and your hospital is expected to see value from day one. Get in touch with the experts behind Pycube’s aktivu™ and SyncSens™ RFID to learn how they can help you to efficiently set up your hospital asset management system, track and streamline patient flow and optimize staff efficiency.