Persistent Challenges

Integrating new solutions into your existing systems can be frustrating. You don’t want possible incompatibility or implementation issues. And when you finish installation, will you be able to find all your assets? The batteries in “active’ systems die, and so does your ability to track those assets. We offer a reliable way to upgrade your system that is compatible, easy to install, and affordable.


Pycube’s eZ Series can help.


Simple Implementation

Pycube offers configurable packages with elements tailored to your needs and budget. The eZ Series solution can operational in less than a week with the help of our OnSite Implementation and Training team. And… travel expenses for OnSite work are included in the eZ price, so there are no unpleasant surprises.. only pleasant ones! Once we actualize your solution, you’ll have continued access to our Customer Success and Remote OnDemand Training team. Users can become proficient with the solution operation in just one day.


Passive RFID

Some hospitals have active RFID tag systems in place. The switch to passive RFID eliminates costly tag battery replacement, and no assets “disappearing,” saving both time and money. No more ghost tags. Our RFID handheld scanners can find all tagged assets quickly.

Our scanners feature both a broad scanning and narrow scanning mode. Broad scanning finds multiple assets in one room or zone. Narrow scanning homes in to find a single article in a “crowd” of similar articles. This function also helps in completing inventory in minutes.

During the scanning process, direct detection and promiscuous detection work simultaneously. While direct detection seeks the selected asset, the scanner is also “quietly” detecting all the other assets in the room, updating their last known location for you.


Zero Infrastructure Enables Low Cost

Pycube’s eZ Series is a Zero infrastructure cloud-based solution, making the new system installation easy. No wiring, cabling, servers, or equipment is required, and it’s compatible with most existing systems… Only a secure Wi-Fi internet connection. This saves time and money with our low initial one-price cost, and low recurring cost per month/year. Our solution is also fully expandable, extendable, and adaptable, giving you the freedom to add more tags, readers, users, and more over time as you grow. We give you what you need in a scalable and expandable package.


Laundry Loss Prevention

The need to track assets does not end when the patient is discharged. For example: the telemetry pack associated with a patient has gone missing. The pack is suspected to be mixed into the laundry when all the clothes and sheets were being changed. More than $1,000 of equipment was gone in an instant. It likely will happen again. Hospitals tend to lose around 20% to 30% of their telemetry packs a year.


Luckily, there’s a way to combat this reoccurring problem.


Our Laundry Loss Prevention solution is a low-cost, easy-to-use way to stop accidental loss, saving your team thousands of dollars a year by rescuing telemetry packs before they’re lost or damaged in the laundry cycle. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Telemetry pack gets mixed up in the sheets and clothing.


2. Using Pycube’s eZ Series RFID handheld scanners, a user scans the carts.


3. Scanners detect the lost telemetry pack, notify the user (wall-mounted strobe light, audible alarm, and/or message), and confirm that there aren’t other assets hidden in the cart. Our Laundry Loss Prevention solution is easy to use, allowing your team to quickly learn how to operate it, meaning you’ll see almost immediate benefits.


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

EMS teams are always on the go and must make sure the ambulance is fully stocked and ready for the next event. Arriving on the scene underequipped can be fatal for the injured.


Pycube’s inventory management solution allows you to run a quick ambulance scan before vehicles leave the station. It confirms all critical items are onboard. How does it work? First, start by using passive RFID tags to quickly tag and index items that must be onboard. Those articles and stocking levels become identified as ‘critical’ in the aktivu™ SaaS database. Then the next time you’re preparing vehicles for upcoming calls, grab the handheld scanner and quickly scan the vehicle to ensure it’s properly stocked and ready to hit the road.


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We’re excited to launch this simple yet sophisticated and powerful new solution to the marketplace, and are looking forward to the ways we’ll be able to assist your team. If your operation will benefit from the eZ Series, please contact us to get started with your personalized kit today!