There is no question that those in the healthcare field have been dealing with COVID-19 as best as they can. Unfortunately, the pandemic has exposed crucial cracks in the supply chain of the industry.


During the onset of COVID-19 hospitals were left without inventory of PPE (personal protective equipment) and, in cases like New York, these facilities were mandated to keep a 90-day stockpile of equipment. IBM stated that between 59-81% of organizations reported delays or increased lead times in acquiring supplies.


With the help of Pycube’s supply chain solutions, Montefiore was able to effectively meet the mandated stockpile.


Some of the major challenges that have surfaced in the supply chain are:

  1. Lack of adaptability: With healthcare at the frontline of the pandemic, being able to rapidly adjust to changing conditions is vital. A survey revealed that supply chain solutions are now healthcare CEO’s second-highest priority behind patient safety. Pycube’s supply chain solutions allow for scalability and asset tracking.
  2. Lack of visibility: Healthcare facilities have found it difficult to maintain full transparency between the supply chain and clinical professionals. To have a smooth operating supply chain having access to real-time data is needed but many places do not have it at their disposal or have the wrong data. Pycube allows healthcare facilities to see immediate information through aktivu™ .
  3. Lack of optimization: Fragmented processes make supply chains inefficient. The lack of optimization can lead to excess or shortage of products on hand, expired medication, and failure of equipment. These are all possibilities with supply/demand shocks when a healthcare facility is unequipped.
  4. Lack of AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a key role in eliminating human error in the supply chain process. Incorporating Pycube’s cloud-based, AI software aktivu™ can position healthcare facilities for the new “normal”. With AI, orders can automatically be placed to maintain PAR levels and alerts can be sent for expiring medication.

These four challenges are not the only risk factors for healthcare supply chains but can easy be avoided by integrating aktivu™.


To stay ahead of the curve these facilities need to acclimate as soon as possible. Using Pycube’s supply chain solutions can help detect and protect their assets.