Asset management software

Healthcare asset tracking deals with tracking and locating assets in a healthcare facility. It can include tracking basic of assets like bandages or pharmaceuticals, to MRI equipment and even biomedical assets. Asset tracking systems make use of asset management software in order to provide healthcare administrators an integrated interface to manage all the assets in the facility. Pycube provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with cutting edge asset management solutions to help them deliver sustainable healthcare solutions.

Pycube creates a positive impact on people's lives with innovative healthcare asset management solutions which help in:

Managing Healthcare Assets

Pycube's proprietary asset tracking solution SyncSensTM paired with aktivuTM helps locate biomedical assets and gain a wide array of insights related to them, by using an asset tracking software with automated inbuilt alerts. Asset tracking helps analyze asset utilization and plan for predictive maintenance which in turn reduces waste and controls shrinkage in the facility.

Managing Patients

Patients are the most valuable assets in any healthcare facility. Pycube's patient flow system helps ensure that they are effectively tracked and spend the least time navigating inside the facility. It helps ensure patient security and safety, infection control, and improves their overall experience by leveraging location-based capabilities.

Managing Staff Hygiene

Staff management is essential to ensure that healthcare facilities' staff stay empowered and protected. Pycube's asset tracking system aktivuTM takes care of distributing tasks among the workforce thereby freeing up their time for patient care. The asset tracking software also tracks staff and their hygiene as they frequently come in contact with hazardous biomedical assets. This ensures proper cleanliness within the hospital environment and reduces incidences of healthcare-associated infections.

Managing Utility Costs

The utilities empowering the assets in a healthcare facility need to be managed well to ensure that critical systems function smoothly. Only when utilities like electricity, gas, temperature, and humidity are tracked, can asset tracking solutions be effectively used. This further helps plan cost allocation to departments and gains greater visibility into utility usage for healthcare facilities.

With Pycube's various healthcare asset management solutions, you can efficiently deliver quality patient care.