Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions today are actively replacing the conventional spreadsheet and manual-based logging systems for tracking and documentation in businesses and institutes everywhere. This has especially elevated applications in the healthcare industry where Asset Tracking and Management is of utmost importance. As the challenges in the healthcare industry multiply, every healthcare facility faces the urgent need to step up their systems for improved efficiency and better healthcare solutions. Asset Tracking and Management Systems might just be the next step in optimizing medical resources, both equipment and personnel to provide improved and advanced healthcare facilities

Assets in a healthcare institution could range from small surgical sponges to large diagnostic devices. In a field that regularly entails massive interactions among assets of such varied nature, a large responsibility befalls over the management to ensure these assets are kept track of. Even the smallest of irregularity in the management and tracking of these assets could result in a hindrance in providing crucial services and maintenance.

Asset Tracking and Management System

The prominent features covered by our Asset Tracking Solutions include:

  • Collection of real-time asset related data and transformation of this data into actionable insights
  • Establishing wired and wireless connectivity among the multitude of assets as part of the Asset Tracking and Management system
  • Tracking and assigning assets between staff and patients for better healthcare and an overall improvement in hygiene
  • Tracking and locating assets, to support the Asset Tracking and Management wing in maintaining a physical inventory
  • Pycube's locates equipment inside the premise and prevents loss from accidental or intentional walk-offs of assets from the facility
  • Better assignment and service from the staff as well as utilities through real-time and continuous Asset Tracking and Management
  • Faster and improved, customized patient care with special attention towards hygiene and efficiency

Asset Tracking Management

Many healthcare facilities who have implemented Pycube's Asset Tracking and Management systems today are a picture of improved efficiency and better performance standards. The testimonials of Pycube's current customers are a testament to the same satisfaction achieved through enhancement in serviceability as well as operation. The mark made by Asset Tracking Management systems in the healthcare industry so far is remarkable and we, at Pycube, welcome others to embark on a journey of soaring to new heights with our Asset Tracking and Management solutions, specially curated for healthcare.